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The rabbit, not just a gift for Easter

Easter is an excellent opportunity to gather with your family to celebrate early spring. This party is often synonymous with treasure hunting, unlimited chocolate and the acquisition of a new themed friend to this day.

The rabbit, a concept and popular animal of this annual holiday. The adoption rate increases dramatically during this celebration, but the rate of abandonment in turn when the party is over is high. Despite their silky coat and soft muzzle, people realize that it’s a little more responsibility than expected and give it up.

Living about 8 years, this lagomorph is a popular animal, being inexpensive and very accessible. We can adopt it in practically all pet stores and even in an individual through the internet.

However, it is important to know a little more about your needs before thinking about bringing one home.

The rabbit is an animal that must be regularly removed from its cage/enclosure to let it stretch its legs. This reduces the risk of being overweight and allows him to explore the house. Of course, you must ensure that the environment is safe for the animal and for your belongings (eliminate the risk of falls or even material damage). As a rodent, you must protect your electrical wires to avoid electrocution.

In addition, this animal is not suitable for everyone. It is a very nervous and agitated little beast. Having the muscles of the hind legs very strong but the skeleton low, the risk of injury is high if you are not careful. It is therefore not recommended to leave it unattended with children, who can sometimes be a little less delicate inadvertently.

Unlike many other animals, the rabbit has no pads under the legs. Its environment must therefore be comfortable and unbracketed to reduce the risk of injury.

Also, it is important to add that this animal can be allergenic for many people. Before adopting one or more, make sure that this is not the case for you to avoid having to find a new family.

Shelters overflow with rabbits, before adopting one of them, make sure it fits your lifestyle. Animals, regardless of their stature, deserve to find a loving home and, above all, a home for life.

Source: Audréanne Lupien, Animal Health Technician (ASD)