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ROYAL CANIN FELINE CARE NUTRITION APPETITE CONTROL CARE kibbles for neutered adult cats - Tendency to beg for food

BENEFITS: Royal Canin supports your cat's health through tailored nutrition based on a true understanding of your cat's specific needs and over 50 years of science and observation.
1 - PROVEN RESULTS: Over 90% of owners observed a controlled feed demand* in 4 weeks. *Over 90% of owners observed controlled food demand between meals after 4 weeks when their cat was fed ROYAL CANIN APPETITE CONTROL CARE dry food.
2 - REGULATION OF HUNGER: promotes the feeling of satiety. Some cats find it difficult to satisfy their appetite. ROYAL CANIN APPETITE CONTROL CARE dry helps reduce hunger pangs with a specific fiber blend to help satiate cats who tend to crave food between meals.
3 - WEIGHT CONTROL: helps limit the risk of excessive weight gain. Cats that beg for food tend to gain weight. This food has been developed with a moderate fat content and precise energy intake to help your cat stay in shape. It contains L-carnitine, which contributes to fat metabolism.
4 - APPETITE CONTROL PROGRAM: 1) Provides complete and balanced nutrition with our ROYAL CANIN APPETITE CONTROL CARE dry and wet formulas that allow you to choose the perfect combination for your cat. 2) Reward him with kibble taken from his ration rather than with food treats. And above all, respect the quantity of food indicated on the package. 3) Get your cat moving around the house with games and interactive food dispensers. 4) If you have any questions or concerns about your cat's health, contact your veterinarian.
5 - FOR NEUTRALIZED CATS: For sterilized cats
  6 - URINARY HEALTH: Formulated to help maintain the health of the adult cat's urinary system.


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