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Calm & Comfort

Nutrience Care Calm & Comfort is specifically formulated for dogs with anxiety-related behavior and sensitivities. Made with whey protein concentrate and hydrolyzed casein, this diet may be less stimulating to your dog’s digestive system as these small proteins are easier to digest. Also supplemented with L-tryptophan and L tyrosine, precursors of serotonin and dopamine respectively. In addition to caring for your dog’s special needs, we’ve taken great strides to ensure their care is delivered in the form of a high-quality, gluten-free diet, made of healthy, wholesome ingredients.

Increased Serotonin:

Inclusion of l-tryptophan: an amino acid required for serotonin production.

Increased Dopamine:

Inclusion of l-tyrosine: an amino acid required to make dopamine.

Ease of Digestion:

Moderate protein levels with whey protein concentrate and hydrolyzed casein to ease digestion.

The importance of a good digestive system and healthy gut flora cannot be over stated when it comes to proper nutrient absorption.Digestiboost is a cold formed, air-dried digestive aid, rich in soluble, insoluble & prebiotic fibers, organic acids, and gut-soothing ingredients, including, but not limited to pumpkin, chia, flax & ginger.


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