Skunk odor neutralizing duo - 2 x 60ml

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This shampoo was designed to neutralize the smell of skunk on your dog and / or cat. The natural source formulation without sulfate and parabens gently cleanses the coat and is suitable for puppies and sensitive skin. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Thoroughly wet the animal's coat and allow a good amount of shampoo to penetrate the skin, gently massaging all parts of the body (avoid the eyes). Rinse thoroughly dry with a disposable cloth while brushing the coat. Repeat as necessary and use the neutralizer spray between two washes.


This neutralizer eliminates bad odor as soon as it is sprayed on the animal. It leaves a scent of freshness and cleanliness without bothering you with an overly persistent odor. It is a perfect complement following the use of Kuddly Doo odor neutralizing shampoo. MANUAL :
Position yourself about 30 cm from the animal and spray generously, avoiding the animal's eyes and ears. Rub with a disposable towel or cloth and brush the coat.


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